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Hello there!
Everything start here, Here the beginning of awesome family. Here's a band named The Black lady formed in 2007, which played Pop Punk, with Aji in vocals, Ragil in left guitars, Zilman in rigth guitar, Ilvan in drums, and i played bass. Ilvan had a different school from us. So we're so difficult to matched the schedule. and after took a recording Ilvan resigned from black lady. but we didn't loose contact. Ilvan was the additional drummer until we found the new drummer. we have one song recorded, song called "Revival".

here the next period of Black lady, we disappeared "the" in the name. Just to made the name heard nicely. we signed the new drummer Putra, as he signed in we change the the genre, from pop punk to post hardcore. In this period we started have some gigs. we had recorded one song called "Feel". in the middle of 2008 as we graduated from SHS,Black lady was ended the career in music.

 Here's the maturity periode. We're Orpheous, Formed in the end of 2008, We play Metal Hardcore. with formation Aji as Troath, Ragil as overdriven 6 strings guitars, Zilman as distortion 6 strings guitars, Didid as Death Blast Drums, and i play 4 string guitars and death growl. we've not record any songs yet. But we have our songs, and the favourite one called "lies beneath the coffin".
here's the sounds 

So here's the music career. Please support us, and support indie music. Play for your own self , don't play because money! \m/


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